Any type of shooting is possible in Alicante city.
Undoubtedly, Alicante’s weather is one of its biggest assets: few rains throughout the year and mild temperatures make Alicante’s climate a determining factor when filming outdoor scenes.
The city is characterized by mild temperatures throughout the year and low rainfall, mainly concentrated in autumn (September-November).

The city’s dry summers are more typical of semi-arid climates, August being the warmest month with an average of around 26°C. Maximum temperatures in August are attenuated thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean sea and can even reach below 31°C. They are therefore softer than in much of the central and southern parts of Spain.

During the winter, Alicante city’s mild temperatures are notable. The coldest month (January) has an average temperature of 12°C, a maximum of 17°C and a minimum ranging between 6 and 7°C. Because Alicante is a coastal city, average annual humidity is high (around 66%), and varies little throughout the year.


Days vary considerably in length during the year in Alicante. In winter, the shortest day has over 9 hours of natural light and the longest day in June can offer almost 15 hours of natural light.

It is possible to shoot all kinds of scenes In Alicante without having to worry about inclement weather (that can sometimes ruin the work of an entire film crew). In short, Alicante is a perfect location to carry out all kinds of advertising spots, short films, feature films, documentaries, television programs or castings.


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