Hermitage of San Roque


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Hermitage of San Roque

The Hermitage of San Roque is in the neighbourhood of the same name, on the hillside of Santa Barbara Castle. This small building has a basilica layout with a West-East oriented longitudinal axis. It was built in the sixteenth century and restored at the end of the nineteenth century.

There are two side chapels under small barrel vaults, with false buttresses on the outside. Guardiola Picó wished to give the building a neo-medieval character.

The main altar, which houses the ‘Christ of the Gypsies’ is semi-circular. Its diameter is shorter than the nave’s latitude. On the west façade, Guardiola Picó built a bell tower where the 1559 hermitage gate would have been. This almost rectangular-shaped tower is made with ashlar and horizontal brick lines, with a flared door, today blocked off.

The Parque de la Ereta and the Hermitage of Santa Cruz are very close to the Hermitage of San Roque.

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